As a co-host of Ike Live, Rod Glove Pro Staff, Bridget Allen's main passion is fishing and she has been spending as much time as possible in preparation for this season.

Affectionately known in the social media as "Papa Senko", Bridget Allen's Dad was the one that gave her a Zebco 404 push button reel and rod combo and taught her how to trout fish at the age of 5 years.  When she first started out fishing, she said she was constantly casting and practicing.  She caught her first large mouth bass when she was fishing with her Dad but she was upset that she couldn't keep it as it was not in season.  She still fishes with her Dad as much as she can and now she is teaching her Dad some techniques that she has learnt along the way.  

Inspired by her #1 fishing partner, her Dad, Rod Glove Pro Staff Bridget Allen aims to become the first female Pro Bass Elite.

Bridget and her Dad decided to participate once she was older in a 2-day tournament team event and they placed 10th overall.  She enjoyed to competitive side to fishing so much that she joined as a co-angler with the Women’s Bassmaster Tour ESPN inaugural tournament, placing 14th overall.  She had such great success that in 2008 she made the move to Pro Angler and purchased her Triton along with acquiring some major sponsors. After the Women's Bassmaster's disbanded, Bridget made a decision to compete in both the FLW and the Northern Bassmaster Opens, where she still competes today.

 As she explains her passion, "Fishing is like Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul". 

Bridget is a Rod Glove Pro Staff Member and retired Philadelphia Police Officer. Her Dad and brother were police officers and she followed along to serve and protect in Philadelphia.  It was during a midnight shift in 2009 that she attempted to apprehend a young guy and when he resisted arrest, he fought with her and she was injured.  After two rounds of surgery, she retired.  She took the time to get into fitness to heal herself and to spend more time on the water to do what she loves most, to fish.

Bridget's advice for the next generation of anglers is " take your daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends fishing, and get them out to learn and love the sport"

The Rod Glove wishes Bridget Allen a successful year and supports her dreams of becoming the first female Pro Bass Elite angler in the Bassmasters.

  • The custom branded "B Reel" Rod Gloves are a great new addition this year to my boat as I compete in the Northern Open Bassmasters. I can keep all of my rods organized in my rod locker and I color code them for different techniques, which makes it easier to grab when in a hurry on the water.
    Bridget Allen

Following in his Father's footsteps, The Rod Glove Pro Staff, Chase Aulidge