Running rough water and staying protected with the Rod Glove Pro Bass Elite Gerald Swindle

For many of us across North America, this spring has been a very wet one with lots of storms that have made for some really rough water.  For inexperienced boaters, it has meant sticking to rivers or not going out at all, but for the seasoned anglers, it means a rough ride and some nasty waves are in store for a day of fishing. 

Tournament anglers are used to driving in rough conditions on the water and The Rod Glove Pro Bass Elite Gerald Swindle shares some tips on how to drive your boat with these conditions. 

If you have ever been in a tournament in rough water, not only does your boat take a pounding but you can get tossed around pretty bad with the waves.  By keeping your Rod Gloves on the rods along with Reel Gloves on your reels in the rod locker, although your gear may still bounce around, they will be kept from tangling and the reels will be protected with the neoprene covers.

With big water, you are almost guaranteed rough waves on bad weather and in most conditions the tournaments will not be cancelled so it is best to learn how to tackle the waves with your boat.

The Rod Glove Pro Bass Elite Gerald Swindle shares his tips courtesy of Bassmaster on how to drive your boat in rough water conditions. 

Written by Shelley Langley, the expressions and opinions are that of the authors, vc: Bassmaster

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