Protect and Organize Your Fishing Gear with The Rod Glove

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Features and Benefits

Whether you are tournament fisherman, a weekend warrior or an occasional angler, The Rod Glove products protect your gear and keep your rods and reels from tangling. 

Eliminating Tangles

Avoiding tangles saves valuable time.

Rod Organization

Organizing your rods by color allows for efficiency on the water.

Rod Protection

Protecting your guides and blanks is great insurance for your gear.


Great for co-anglers to keep organized and protected.

VRX Fishing Products

VRX Fishing Products is North America's leading supplier of fishing rod protection products. Our signature brand, The Rod Glove, offers products that help protect the investment that you have made in your fishing rods, making them last longer and keep them looking great!

Rod Glove
Reel Glove

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Our Gallery

Check out our  Instagram  gallery of The Rod Glove fishing rod protection products in use by tournament fishermen, weekend warriors, and occasional anglers all over North America.

Fishing PROs Love The Rod Glove!

Reel Glove
Colorful Rod Glove
Spinning Rod Glove

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