Want some extra protection? Why not try the Rod Glove Pro Series?

Posted Jun 19th, 2018 in News, Pros, Tournaments

Want some extra protection? Why not try the Rod Glove Pro Series?

The Rod Glove has proven itself in the industry and the original Rod Glove is made out of mesh with a tapered tip to keep your rod tips safe.  If you travel or are looking for a bit more protection, take a look at the Rod Glove Pro Series. 

The Rod Glove Pro Series is a neoprene rod protector that offers a bit more protection for your rod.

Available in standard and extra long casting and spinning, the high quality Rod Glove simply slides over your rod.  For long trips or a rod locker that is holding many rods at a time, this Rod Glove will offer superior protection. 

Even for those that use their vehicle to transport their rods to and from the water will find that the Rod Glove Pro Series offers a bit more protection to their rods.  Keeping the rods from tangling and from getting chipped is important whether recreational fishing or tournament angling.  

I was once out fishing with an angler and he would catch a fish but then his line would break just as the fish was about to get closer to the net.  This happened a few times and after a few minutes of frustration discovered that one of the guides were chipped and it kept snapping the line.  The guide would not have chipped had it been protected by a Rod Glove, saving the angler time on the water. 

The Rod Glove Pro Series are offered in standard black with red or blue piping or a full camo design.  Take a look at the selection and pick some up today to keep your rods protected.

Written by Shelley Langley, the expressions and opinions are that of the author's pc: Quintabass